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Honeybee on Flower by Wes Pryor

photo courtesy of Wes Pryor


NAPPC- Pollinator Partnership
NAPPC is a growing, collaborative body of more than 160 diverse partners, including respected scientists, researchers, conservationists, government officials, and dedicated volunteers. NAACP is succeeding with major programs to protect pollinators, raise pollinator-related issues, and to benefit the health of all species, particularly those most threatened.


Bees: Lectures by Rudolf Steiner
In his lecture on bees in 1923, Rudolph Steiner predicted the dire state of a honeybee today. He said that, within fifty to eighty years, we would see the consequences of mechanizing the forces that had previously operated organically in the beehive. Such practices include breeding queen bees artificially…

Educational Films

Queen Of The Sun
Queen Of The Sun: What are the bees telling us? Is a profound, alternative look at the global world crisis. Taking us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive…

Vanishing Of The Bees
Raising awareness and offering solutions we can take part in every day. Vanishing of the Bees strengthens the movement to heal our planet for a healthier world…

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