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How to best care for your beeswax candles

As a general guideline “except for the exception of taper candles” – Always keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch while burning, and allow for the molten wax pool to reach the outer edges of the candle before extinguishing. This allows for the full life span of the candle, and leaves very little to no wasted beeswax.

For those beeswax candle lovers, consider investing in a snuffer, and wicking trimmers.

Care by Candle Type

Pillar Diameter Minimum Burn Time
2 inch 30 minutes
21/2 inch 1 1/2 to 2 hours 
3 inch  2 to 4 hours

rustic beeswax pillar candlesPillars

Burn on heat resistant plate Before lighting your pillar candle, trim wick to 1/4 inch long. Once lit, the burn time should be long enough to allow for the molten pool to reach within 1/4 inch of the outer edges of the candle before extinguishing every time. This way the candle will burn evenly to the end. By blowing the candle out too early, you limit the molten pool to that diameter and shorten the life of the candle. As the the candle burns down, you can fold the edges of extra wax into the molten pool with your fingers. After the candle is extinguished and while the wax is still warm. Ideally you want your flame to have a steady, compact flame. If the flame begins to spike, it’s a sign the candle is not burning properly and can cause smoke and soot. You may need to check for drafts or trim your wick to 1/4 inch. To extinguish candle flame use a snuffer.


Must fit snuggly in a secure holder. Do not trim wick before each light, the long curled wick that you find should be lit as is. To minimize smoking, use a snuffer to extinguish flame.


Burn in a draft free room, on a heat resistant plate or in container that is a bit wider then the votive, for adequate oxygen flow. Always trim wick 1/4 inch before lighting. To best extinguish the candle flame use a snuffer.


These should be burned in a draft free room in the little containers in which they were poured. To best extinguish the candle flame use a snuffer.

Basic Candle Safety

Lighted candles should always be within sight, never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candles out of reach from children and pets. Always use appropriate candle holder and place on stable heat resistant surface. Keep away from drafts of any kind.


It”s natural for 100% beeswax candles to develop “bloom” over time. The white bloom is due to the natural oils rising to the candles surface. It is an indication of purity and beauty, that of which comes with age. Beeswax candles that have been blended with other waxes will not develop bloom. However, if you prefer to restore the original pure golden color, simply rub the candle in your hands or with a dry cloth.

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