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About Violit

Keep it Light all began when I adopted a beehive from my son who took a course on bee keeping for his six grade project for school. When accompanying him on this project I learned I had curiosity and passion for honeybees. I soon adopted my sons beehive and became the primary keeper for the bees. We started extracting honey and things grew from there.

I was also inspired from something I read around that same time.“ Very few people make their money from a successful career doing what they really love, and how we still can and should do that thing we are passionate about, even if it’s just a side job or a hobby”. That gave me the inspiration and courage to create something for me and be able to give back to the community.

Being the practical person that I am and quality being of the upmost importance to me, when I had the idea of making beeswax candles, a light went on and i went with it. That’s how the quest for making the perfect candle began.

Currently my family and I envision ourselves creating a bee sanctuary, growing fruit orchards and veggies and building our beeswax candle business.

              Thanks, Violit Springford

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